Living in a Material World..

I lie under a blanket wrapped in hearts

….the closest to love I’ll ever get

I hug my pillow ever so tight

….hoping to hear a heartbeat

The sheets caress me in their tender folds

….as they wipe away my tears

Who says we don’t need material things

….they are the only comfort for a lonely soul



I am done chasing butterflies

They fly too fast away

The closer I get

The further they fly

Leaving not a trail,a note or a goodbye

Hello Goodbye

Now you see me then you wont
so dry your eyes,hold back your tears,
cause our paths will cross whether you like it or not,
you haven’t seen the last of me,no siree you have not


I scare you by day,and by night
I am your deepest fear.I am the fright
I bring out the worst you could ever be
I am a monster.That is me.

I cannot love,scare you away
Afraid to talk.Afraid to stay
When you speak your mind,I fly at your throat
I hurt the ones I love.The ones that are worth

Five years from now..

One day I will be pretty
Said the bud to the tree
One day I’ll blossom and flower
And bees will hover over me
One day I’ll open my arms 
And embrace the world around me
One day I will revel in my glory

Strong Amazon Woman

Standing tall at five feet two

Some thought of her as a shrew

Especially the ones who never knew

Never knew,the pain she was going through


She blinked not,when tears came so easily

Never lost her balance in a world that made her queasy

With a warrior’s heart she fought against the odds

She stood proud,she stood tall



Tuesday Blues

The body is broken
The spirit dead
Rejected,yet again
Numbed and frozen
Awaiting patiently
A swift and painless end