Monthly Archives: April 2013

The misty moon lights up the night sky
While the waves lap upon the shore
A light breeze caresses my hair
Everything is perfect but your not there


Circle of life

Life has no ups and downs
Its spins around
And stops when it completes
One imperfect circle


The fear of the unknown
The seeds of dread have been sown
Thoughts running through the mind
Heart beats racing through time


To feel such pain like no other
To try and make amends
To hurt nomore to make it right
When all seems lost after that dreaded fight

To regret the harsh words that transpired
To try and forget the insults
To forgive and be forgiven
When all is said and spoken

owl version 2.0

owl version 2.0

Sketch done on the phone again.Spruced it up with a little color and such from the previous version,Im happy with this look for now,so there may not be a version 3.0 for a bit.



Sketch done on my phone..Still needs a couple of tweaks..Dedicated to a lil birdie who pushed me to me start sketching..


A cracked mirror or a face full of wrinkles

A deep menacing stare or a hardened glare

The lines that run zigzag,the marks,the scars

Each have a story,each a past

The furrows on the brows,the sadness in the eyes

Each leave an imprint,a tear,a sigh

A broken heart,a fond goodbye

A life not lived,a love that’s lost