Monthly Archives: June 2013

Drops of pain

They still do come
In spurts and bursts
Flowing uncontrollably down my face
Though time has passed since you been gone
They still do come
Without intimation,though more infrequently now than before


Light the way

Pretty little lanterns,gliding across the sea

In the night sky,so mesmerizing and free

Pretty little lanterns,where do you go

Where do you fly too, I’m so eager to know

Half and a Half

Half of my heart is telling me to let go

The other half telling me it will futile to do so

Half of my mind is telling me you’re not right for me

The other half thinks you’re as perfect as it can be

It is said listen to your heart or listen your head

But what is said of conficting views of half a heart and half a head

Stages of Fright

Four walls closing in


Beads of sweat and fear


A chill running down the spine



How oblivious can you be to her feelings

Can you not see the love in her eyes

The way she looks at you tenderly

Oh you silly,silly guy


How she tries to look perfect for you

The way she flirts and smiles

Man,you are as dumb as a door knob

If you can’t pick up on that cue

New Beginnings

The time has come, my little one

To leave your cage and fly

To soar into the open skies

It’s time to say goodbye

Follow your dreams,my little one

LiveĀ  life on your own terms

Make your mistakes and learn

The world is your oyster and you are its pearl

Game of Chess or Love

Everything is in place,Everything is set,

The pieces are in order

Only a move needs to be made

The timing is crucial,the strategy even more

For to the winner is happiness galore