Happy Holidays!!

Am I happy

Am I sad

I am neither

I am indifferent

I stare straight ahead in defiance

With blinders 

Obscuring discernment

Never looking left nor right

Never lowering my gaze

I am unaffected

I am unfazed


I am indifferent



One Night Stand

The eyebrows are shaped 

The nails are perfectly manicured

The dress is carefully chosen to flatter

The face is all made up

To look perfect for you

A fleeting message is all it took

No remorse

No apologies

To stand her up

To break her heart

Senseless Living

My favorite song is playing
I don’t hear it anymore 
The arms around me
I feel not its warmth 
The pretty rainbow in the sky
In monochrome I see
The taste of chocolate and wine
Is wasted on me
The smell of wet mud on a rainy day
Fails to evoke any response
I am alive yes,but my senses have died within me


I fell out of the sky 

And landed in your arms

My head in the lofty clouds

You grounded me down


You opened my eyes

Lifted me up

Made me aware

Of suffering and scoff


You pushed me to the extremes

Made me believe

Took me under your wing

And made me ,me.


What’s in a date

Just a day,a number

A specific time of year

A reference point

For memories

Some happy and some not

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One way..

Fly,fly away
As high as you can go
Run,run away
As far as your legs can carry you
Walk,walk away
Don’t you ever turn around
There is no way back now
All doors are shut down

A Child’s Prayer

Will  you not stay with me

Just for a little while

Don’t leave and go away

The world is big and I am afraid


Will you not stay with me

I don’t want to face the monsters alone

Would you not be my rock

While I break through barriers of stone


Will you not stay with me

In my darkest hour

When all else has failed

I need you to be my strength and power