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Living in a Material World..

I lie under a blanket wrapped in hearts

….the closest to love I’ll ever get

I hug my pillow ever so tight

….hoping to hear a heartbeat

The sheets caress me in their tender folds

….as they wipe away my tears

Who says we don’t need material things

….they are the only comfort for a lonely soul



I am done chasing butterflies

They fly too fast away

The closer I get

The further they fly

Leaving not a trail,a note or a goodbye

Senseless Living

My favorite song is playing
I don’t hear it anymore 
The arms around me
I feel not its warmth 
The pretty rainbow in the sky
In monochrome I see
The taste of chocolate and wine
Is wasted on me
The smell of wet mud on a rainy day
Fails to evoke any response
I am alive yes,but my senses have died within me

Time Machine

What do you care now

That I am sad and broken

You’re the past

You can’t be woken

The present is now

But only part of you is here

The future is without

Though you will linger on

Raccoonie New


Here is what I finally managed to flesh out..sketch done on my phone..Still needs tweaks..High time I invested in a tablet..


Been too caught up writing poetry.finally made time for some sketches done on my phone..

The Artist

I write what I think
he reads what I write
and paints my thoughts so vividly
A perfect imprint of my thoughts
as though he wrote what I thought
and I painted what he wrote