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Five years from now..

One day I will be pretty
Said the bud to the tree
One day I’ll blossom and flower
And bees will hover over me
One day I’ll open my armsĀ 
And embrace the world around me
One day I will revel in my glory


The Artist

I write what I think
he reads what I write
and paints my thoughts so vividly
A perfect imprint of my thoughts
as though he wrote what I thought
and I painted what he wrote

Decoding Poetry

Poetry is complicated
Is it not
I don’t understand the writing
Is he talking about himself or a fort
What is that poet trying to convey
I try to get my head around but it leaves me in dismay
His flowery words and sometimes not so rhyming lines
Or random words that pop in time
I wish I could grasp the meaning of it all
But im not a poet,I don’t get it at all

Sale Ahoy

Hoards of people

Lines oh endless lines

Patiently waiting for those comfort buys

Tired legs,fatigued minds

Retail therapy isn’t for the fainthearted

Prisoner of Thoughts

Trapped behind glass doors she stares
Out into the bustling world below
Where noise and laughter fill the air
Where lights forever are aglow

Bound by shackles,she longs to break free
But thoughts of fear keeps her at bay
Fear of failure and rejection
Forces this free sprited woman to stay

So trapped she lies behind these glass doors
As patiently she awaits a chance to spread her wings
To see the world in all its glory
To experience life and all it brings

I write..

I see
I observe
I watch
Never knowing what I’m looking for

I speak
I talk
I prate
Yet never knowing what to say


Alone with his thoughts,he sits and ponders

What is in his mind is privy to no one

A burden he alone must carry

A burden he refuses, with others to share


Closed to the people around him

Solitude he craves

The reason unknown to him consciously

He has regressed