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Hello Goodbye

Now you see me then you wont
so dry your eyes,hold back your tears,
cause our paths will cross whether you like it or not,
you haven’t seen the last of me,no siree you have not


Strong Amazon Woman

Standing tall at five feet two

Some thought of her as a shrew

Especially the ones who never knew

Never knew,the pain she was going through


She blinked not,when tears came so easily

Never lost her balance in a world that made her queasy

With a warrior’s heart she fought against the odds

She stood proud,she stood tall



Destination Unknown..

Staring into the future

Craning ahead to see

What lies ahead in this journey

What is our destiny


Where will paths leads us

Perhaps to lands unknown

Do we have control

Of this,our destiny

Eye of the Storm

Falling by the wayside

Rats abandoning the ship

A boon or a menace

Only time will reveal


Alone against a storm

Facing the howling wind

Under attack from every angle

But steadfast and willed


Sale Ahoy

Hoards of people

Lines oh endless lines

Patiently waiting for those comfort buys

Tired legs,fatigued minds

Retail therapy isn’t for the fainthearted

Changing colors

I took the road less trodden
And landed up in fear and dread
But a smile,a hug,a word of encouragement from you
Has brightened up the morose blue

Light the way

Pretty little lanterns,gliding across the sea

In the night sky,so mesmerizing and free

Pretty little lanterns,where do you go

Where do you fly too, I’m so eager to know