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Five years from now..

One day I will be pretty
Said the bud to the tree
One day I’ll blossom and flower
And bees will hover over me
One day I’ll open my arms 
And embrace the world around me
One day I will revel in my glory


Happy Holidays!!

Am I happy

Am I sad

I am neither

I am indifferent

I stare straight ahead in defiance

With blinders 

Obscuring discernment

Never looking left nor right

Never lowering my gaze

I am unaffected

I am unfazed


I am indifferent


One Night Stand

The eyebrows are shaped 

The nails are perfectly manicured

The dress is carefully chosen to flatter

The face is all made up

To look perfect for you

A fleeting message is all it took

No remorse

No apologies

To stand her up

To break her heart

Time Machine

What do you care now

That I am sad and broken

You’re the past

You can’t be woken

The present is now

But only part of you is here

The future is without

Though you will linger on

Eye of the Storm

Falling by the wayside

Rats abandoning the ship

A boon or a menace

Only time will reveal


Alone against a storm

Facing the howling wind

Under attack from every angle

But steadfast and willed


Oh the green creeps up on you

Yesterday it was a dusty desert

Today its flowers blossoming

Tommorrow they wither and die

Sale Ahoy

Hoards of people

Lines oh endless lines

Patiently waiting for those comfort buys

Tired legs,fatigued minds

Retail therapy isn’t for the fainthearted