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The Pyre

Wispy columns of grey mists

Life gone up in flames

Streaks of orange and blood red

Enveloped in smoke plumes

Dancing and swaying in the wind

Burning long and bright

Rising into the heavens

Lifted on a prayer



Home you came

But not into my arms

Home you came

Times had changed


The tone of your voice

The way you smell

Were the same

Or different I couldn’t tell


Time and distance

Had weathered and strained

Only mangles of a love that was

Was all that remained

Time Machine

What do you care now

That I am sad and broken

You’re the past

You can’t be woken

The present is now

But only part of you is here

The future is without

Though you will linger on

A Choice

A failing breath.
Heart rate slows.
Another world opens it doors.
Beckoning to enter.

Surreal lights,painted rainbows.
Dreamy voices lure and sway.
Away far away.
From the sobs and cries of loved ones

A choice to be made.
Which world to embrace.
Back to reality or lost in space.
A decision to live or fade.

One minute at a time..

I need the world to stop for a minute

I need to get my bearings right

I need the world to stop for a minute

I need to focus,without losing sight

Too fast,too soon,wildly spinning

I need time to play catch up

I need the world to stop for a minute

As time flies by and the hour is up

Destination Unknown..

Staring into the future

Craning ahead to see

What lies ahead in this journey

What is our destiny


Where will paths leads us

Perhaps to lands unknown

Do we have control

Of this,our destiny


Half a moon in the dark sky

Silvery bright she shines

Lovely alas so lonely,radient without mar

Flirty stars millions of light years away

Too afraid to approach

Turn on and off for her

Close to gaze yet so far