Monthly Archives: September 2013

One way..

Fly,fly away
As high as you can go
Run,run away
As far as your legs can carry you
Walk,walk away
Don’t you ever turn around
There is no way back now
All doors are shut down


A Child’s Prayer

Will  you not stay with me

Just for a little while

Don’t leave and go away

The world is big and I am afraid


Will you not stay with me

I don’t want to face the monsters alone

Would you not be my rock

While I break through barriers of stone


Will you not stay with me

In my darkest hour

When all else has failed

I need you to be my strength and power






The Pyre

Wispy columns of grey mists

Life gone up in flames

Streaks of orange and blood red

Enveloped in smoke plumes

Dancing and swaying in the wind

Burning long and bright

Rising into the heavens

Lifted on a prayer


Home you came

But not into my arms

Home you came

Times had changed


The tone of your voice

The way you smell

Were the same

Or different I couldn’t tell


Time and distance

Had weathered and strained

Only mangles of a love that was

Was all that remained