Monthly Archives: July 2013


Half a moon in the dark sky

Silvery bright she shines

Lovely alas so lonely,radient without mar

Flirty stars millions of light years away

Too afraid to approach

Turn on and off for her

Close to gaze yet so far


Eye of the Storm

Falling by the wayside

Rats abandoning the ship

A boon or a menace

Only time will reveal


Alone against a storm

Facing the howling wind

Under attack from every angle

But steadfast and willed


The Artist

I write what I think
he reads what I write
and paints my thoughts so vividly
A perfect imprint of my thoughts
as though he wrote what I thought
and I painted what he wrote

Decoding Poetry

Poetry is complicated
Is it not
I don’t understand the writing
Is he talking about himself or a fort
What is that poet trying to convey
I try to get my head around but it leaves me in dismay
His flowery words and sometimes not so rhyming lines
Or random words that pop in time
I wish I could grasp the meaning of it all
But im not a poet,I don’t get it at all

Oh the green creeps up on you

Yesterday it was a dusty desert

Today its flowers blossoming

Tommorrow they wither and die

The Unknown

Don’t judge a book by its cover
Or each passing day by its weather
Don’t  judge,cause you never will know
The little surprises life has in store


For that beaming smile
All that money spent seems so worthwhile
For those zillion thank yous
You deserve much more than due